The chaplaincy here at All Saints is a real team effort, with our Lay Chaplain Mrs Rhys-Hill and Ms O’Neill (Head of Chaplaincy) supported by many of our staff and students.

We believe as a Catholic College that chaplaincy should be at the centre of all we do, or more accurately that Jesus should be in the heart of all that goes on at All Saints.

Our student chaplaincy team is made up from students across the whole school; these students help  with different events and chaplaincy related tasks in and around school.

The main role the students take is helping plan and deliver different services, such as our Advent, Lent and end of term services. They also help when we have some of our feeder primary schools’ visits at Advent and Holy Communion Celebrations. Throughout the school year, we have large year group masses to mark the start of year, All Saints day, Christmas and Easter, the feast of St Peter and St Paul and to mark the end of the year. To go along with that each form is invited down to the chapel at least once during the year to celebrate a small mass with just their form class.

The chapel is also used for many different small services at different times of the year making sure the staff and students know that there is a place they can go if they need a place of calm and quiet during whatever storm they may be facing.

We run a retreat programme here in school for Years 7, 8, 9 and 11. This has recently been reviewed and updated as Myddelton Grange, the local retreat centre, has sadly had to close. However, we have found alternative provision and we are looking forward to carrying on the tradition of taking each year group away for some time to reflect and to deepen their faith.

Our Year 10 students are given the opportunity to travel with the Diocese of Leeds annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. Although the pilgrimage is just a week in July the work starts as early as November as we bring our group together and start fund raising to try and bring down the cost of the pilgrimage. We also have different sessions with the students to prepare them fully before their pilgrimage. It is a great opportunity to live out our school motto ‘Love • Serve • Learn’ and the students get to make some great memories and experiences that no other school trip can offer them. Lourdes is also a great chance for the students to learn more about themselves, their faith and their values.

We have daily collective worship in school here at All Saints. With 5 minutes of form time each day dedicated to prayer, we have a different theme for each week. These cover all manner of things from specific liturgical themes linked to the Churches calendar to our own ideas of what it is important for our students to focus on.

Mrs Rhys-Hill is in school 5 days a week to ensure all the events and activities we run as a chaplaincy team are planned, prepared and presented well and also as a point of contact for any students who may need some time to talk to her about any of the difficult issues many of our young people face.

Summer Holidays 25.07.22-05.09.22
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