Subject Leader: Mrs J Kesterlian

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character  that is the goal of true education.”  – Martin Luther King Jr. 

PSHCE helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that they need to flourish as individuals, family members and as members of their community.  It helps students to keep healthy and safe, as well as preparing them for life and work in modern Britain.  Students are given the space and freedom to investigate, question and evaluate different subject matter in a safe learning environment.  

In PSHCE, students are given the opportunity to explore a wide breadth of topics, delivered by learning tutors.  Students will explore issues surrounding being safe online, what a healthy relationship looks like, how we look after our mental health, through to learning about British Values and what a wage slip looks like.  Helping to equip students with the tools needed to navigate their lives in a complex world.  Lessons are taught within the context of Catholic Church teachings. 


PSHCE follows subject content set out by government statutory guidance on RSHE, Careers and Citizenship Education.


Our Sexual Relationships unit will be delivered in the Spring term. This is through Ten Ten Resources approved by the Catholic Education Service.


Through our Personal Development programme (delivered by learning tutors) all year groups will study the following topics in an age-appropriate way:

Autumn term 1 – Online and the Media

Autumn term 2 – Changing Bodies

Spring term 1 – Families

Spring term 2 – Sexual Relationships

Summer term 1 – Health and Prevention

Summer term 2 – Basic First Aid


Through our Character Education programme (delivered by learning tutors) all year groups will study the following topics in an age-appropriate way

Autumn term 1 – Mental Well-being

Autumn term 2 – Being Safe

Spring term 1 – Careers

Spring term 2 – Physical Health and Well-being

Summer term 1 – Economic Well-being

Summer term 2 – Respectful Relationships


Our Key Stage 3 Citizenship curriculum will be taught for 10 lessons by specialist teachers: 

Year 7 

The Year 7 curriculum includes:

  • British Values
  • Protected Characteristics
  • What sort of country do we live in?
  • Democracy and Freedom
  • Conflicting rights
  • How free should the press be?
  • Who’s watching you?
  • The freedom to protest
  • The right to education


Year 8 

The Year 8 curriculum includes:

  • Laws and the justice system
  • Youth Crime
  • Rights and the police
  • What happens to young offenders
  • The youth court
  • Sentencing
  • Inside a young offenders’ institution
  • Adult courts
  • Punishment for adult crimes


Year 9 

The Year 9 curriculum includes:

  • A brief history of parliamentary democracy
  • What role does the monarch play in the UK?
  • Political parties
  • How do you become an MP?
  • What does an MP do?
  • What’s going on in the House of Commons?
  • How do parliament make laws?
  • How should the House of Lords be modernised?
  • How does the Government work?


Drop Down Sessions

Drop down sessions will enhance the delivery of personal development, character education and citizenship and will be delivered in a variety of ways such as through speakers and workshops.

Parents will be informed of the content of the drop down sessions at least one week in advance.

There will be 6 drop down sessions each academic year.

Closed for May Holidays 29.05.23 - 02.06.23
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